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The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

Here We Go Again!

After Charlie Corder's hole-in-one at LE Kaufman last week, we had two more on Tuesday at the Falls @ Barber Creek. Bob Lipscomb scored his ace on hole #5 and Tom Hillen's perfect shot was on hole #15. It was Bob's first hole-in-one and Tom's second. Again, due to the chilly conditions it was difficult to get a photo accurately depicting the golfers. We were however able to approximate an image of the three.

The big news of the week from the Falls @ Barber Creek was covered in the paragraph above. Of interest is the fact that Tuesday was not the first time we have had two holes-in-one on the same day. It has happened at least two times prior with one occurring in back-to-back foursomes on the same hole.

While Tuesday was typical weather for the 2021 season, Thursday was a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, and little wind. Thursday also had the largest group of players in several years with 128 golfers. We placed two foursomes on fifteen of the eighteen holes. Needless to say, pace of play was a bit slow. What was interesting was that all flights were nearly equal in numbers. Three flights had exactly 30 golfers. (Math quiz: with three flights having 30 golfers and a total of 128 golfers, how many golfers were in the remaining flight?)

The low score of the week was a 52 by Bill Menhennick on Tuesday and a 52 by Wes Kemppainen on Thursday. Both players won their flight by a comfortable margin.

The results for the week at the Falls @ BC are now available.

Why the Sunday Deadline for Cancelation

For the last two years we have asked members to let us know by the Sunday preceding a tournament if they have to cancel. While many heeded the request, some did not. This created two problems. First, on Monday we begin the process of setting up pairing sheets, starting hole assignments and files to print the scorecards and cart cards. This takes several hours of work. If we receive a late cancelation we have to rearrange many of the prepared documents and files causing additional work. However, more importantly was the impact on our courses. Early on Monday we notify a course on the number of golfers they can expect. With late cancelations fewer golfers play. Remember, we get the discounts at our courses based on the number of golfers we promise. In recent years, several courses have been asking why they are not having the number of golfers promised. That concern is partly responsible for the loss of three courses in the last two years. To prevent a further loss of courses, we promised that the number of golfers we have at the end of the day on Sunday will be the number we pay for. That is the reason for the new policy. If you cancel after Sunday, we are still obligated to pay for you.

What is Our Rain Policy?

Begin with a simple premise; ALWAYS ASSUME WE WILL PLAY! Our workers arrive at the course around 8:00 AM. Any decision on canceling due to weather, or course conditions, will not be made until after that time. If you are in doubt, call the course. What happens if play is canceled? Every member that entered the tournament will receive a credit. Remember; ALWAYS ASSUME WE WILL PLAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

This year we are not planning a membership meeting prior to the beginning of the 2021 season. In an attempt to answer questions that are covered at such a meeting, we have posted a list of frequently asked questions (click here). More information can be found in our rules of play (click here). As additional questions are received from our members they will be added to the list.

Need A Partner Page

We list the name and contact information of any member requesting a partner for the 2021 tournaments. You can find a link to the Need A Partner page on the INFORMATION drop down menu above.

Did you get your spring letter? If not, perhaps you did not inform us of your current address. If you have moved recently, or have a winter address, please let us know where we should mail items. If you have alternate addresses for the prize money checks and /or the spring letter we should know.

GLSGA Member in the News

Don Lancaster was recently inducted into the Michigan Interscholastic Golf Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Click here for the announcement in the February Michigan Golf Journal.



The following tournaments are full; entry to these are closed:

Wed, May 26; Cedar Chase

Thu, May 27; Cedar Chase

Wed, Jun 2; Cedar Chase

Thu, Jun 3; Cedar Chase

Wed, Jun 16; Broadmoor

Thu, Jun 17; Broadmoor

Wed, Jul 21; Broadmoor

Wed, Aug 25; Hastings

Thu, Aug 26; Hastings

Wed, Sep 1; Hastings

Thu, Sep 2; Hastings

Wed, Sep 22; LE Kaufman

Thu, Sep 23; LE Kaufman

RED text denotes Regular Division; BLUE text denotes Reserve Division; BLACK text denotes combined event.

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GLSGA members Ron Geskus, Chuck Hanson and former member Max Holmes passed away in April. We also learned of the death of former member Jerry Poorman in March and Jerry Appledorn in February. You can find a link to the obituaries of all members we lost in 2021 on the In Memoriam page.

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In Memoriam Tribute


We lost a total of twenty nine active or former members in 2020. That is by far the most we lost in a calendar year. Click on the above thumbnail for a tribute to members we lost in 2020. Video tributes to those lost from 2016 through 2019 can be found on the video page.