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The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

All June Tournaments Canceled

Due to the continuing concern for the COVID-19 coronavirus, and the health of our members, we have decided to cancel all scheduled tournaments in the month of June. In the Regular division that will be Cedar Chase (June 2/3/4) and Broadmoor (June 17/18). The Reserve division will include Yankee Springs (June 10/11) and Western Greens (June 24/25). With some luck, we may be able to get back to golf in July.

You may wonder about the criteria we are using to make these decisions. First and foremost is concern for the health and safety of our members. As stated earlier, our group is at highest risk for complications from the virus. With that concern in mind we have looked for guidance in our decision making. The Michigan section of the PGA as well as the Michigan Golf Course Association and the Golf Association of Michigan have all endorsed the Back2Golf plan which was developed by a consortium of national golf associations along with advice from medical experts. We are relying on Bask2Golf’s three phase plan to help us in making our decisions. You can find a link to the Back2Golf plan in the right-hand column of this page. You should note that we are currently in Phase 1 of the plan which limits gatherings to groups of 10 or less with no “league play” allowed. If the Back2Golf plan moves to Phase 2 (limiting gatherings to less than 50) we may be able to play tournaments with a modified format. Phase 3 would allow us to return to near normal.
We will provide a credit to our members for all canceled tournaments. That includes any tournament an individual chooses not to play. These credits can be used for entry into a future tournament or they will be included as a refund at season’s end.
Please help us get the word out. Contact your partners and friends in case they do not, or cannot, access the website.

Updated GLSGA Schedules and Entry Forms Are Available

You can find links to both the regular and reserve divisions 2020 schedules and entry forms from the SCHEDULES/FORMS drop down menu above.

Do You Need a Partner?

As the 2020 entry forms reach us we will be updating the Need a Partner page. If you are looking for someone to play with this year, in one or more events, you should check the list for your division. The partner search will list the golfers name, his contact information, flight and the tournaments / days he needs a partner. To get your information posted follow the instructions in the right-hand column of the Need a Partner page.

2019 In Memoriam Video


Click on the thumbnail left. Video will open in a new window in front of this page. Close the video window at anytime by clicking anywhere outside the window. Video tributes to those lost from 2016 through 2018 can be found on the video page.



We are using Back2Golf's three phase plan to assist in making decisions on tournament cancelations. The plan was developed by a consortium of national golf organizations with advice from medical experts. It is endorsed by the Michigan PGA and GAM. Click on the above logo for a copy of the plan.

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Need a good chuckle in these troubling times? CLICK HERE.

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The following tournaments are full; entry to these are closed:

Wed, Jul 8; Briarwood

Wed, Jul 22; Broadmoor

Thu, Jul 23; Broadmoor

Wed, Aug 26; Hastings

Thu, Aug 27; Hastings

Wed, Sep 2; Hastings

Thu, Sep 3; Hastings

Wed, Sep 23: Kaufman

Thu, Sep 24; Kaufman

Wed, Sep 30; Mines

Thu, Oct 1; Mines

RED text denotes Regular Division; BLUE text denotes Reserve Division; BLACK text denotes combined event.

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Former GLSGA member Seret Ybema passed away May 10. GLSGA member Ed VandenAkker passed away May 12. You can find links to the obituaries of all members we lost in 2020 on the In Memoriam page.