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Phone: 616-856-0393

PO Box 728
Jenison MI 49429-0728

The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

Tournaments Continue Filling Fast!

We post a list of tournaments that are closed in the right-hand column on this page and the upcoming events page. If you have not yet sent in an entry form make sure the tournament, or tournaments, you want to play are still open. If an entry is submitted for a tournament that is full, the submitting golfer will be notified using the phone number, or e-mail, listed on the form.

Partner Search Listings Continue Being Updated

The Need-a-Partner pages are modified daily as new entry forms are received. If you are in the REGULAR division and looking for a partner click here. If you are in the RESERVE division and looking for a partner click here. If you find a partner on one of these pages please notify us so we can correct the page.

In Memoriam 2017


Click on the thumbnail left for a video tribute to our members, and former members, that we lost on 2017. Remember, you can find more details on these individuals on the In Memoriam page.

Looking Ahead to 2018

If you DO NOT intend to play this year please let us know. We would appreciate knowing your intentions as soon as possible. If you have not paid your 2018 dues CLICK HERE for a dues payment form.

2018 Spring Letters

The 2018 spring letters (copy here) were mailed on January 31. Included with the letter you will find an entry form for your division and your 2018 membership card. Please read the letter carefully as it contains instructions on submitting entries for the 2018 season. If required, additional entry forms are available from the SCHEDULES / FORMS drop down menu above.



The following tournaments are full; entry to these are closed:

Wed, Apr 25; Grand Haven

Thu, Apr 26; Grand Haven

Wed, May 9; LE Kaufman

Thu, May 10; LE Kaufman

Wed, May 30; Cedar Chase

Thu, May 31; Cedar Chase

Wed, Jun 6; Cedar Chase

Thu, Jun 7; Cedar Chase

Wed, Jun 20; Bowen Lake

Wed, Sep 5; Deer Run

Wed, Sep 19; Kaufman

Thu, Sep 20; Kaufman

Wed, Oct 3; Grand Haven

Wed, Oct 3; Pilgrim's Run

Wed, Oct 10; Hastings CC

Thu, Oct 11; Hastings CC

RED text denotes Regular Division; BLUE text denotes Reserve Division; BLACK text denotes combined event.

If you have not yet paid your 2018 dues CLICK HERE for a dues payment form.

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Click here for a list of golfers sent an invitation for the 2018 season. Note that the names in green are golfers that have accepted the invitation to join.