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The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

Back to the cool (dare I say cold) weather this week at Yankee Springs. For the first time in a long time we had more golfers on Thursday (106) than we had on Wednesday (85). Jim Foguth shot the highlight score of the week with an excellent 69 on his own ball Thursday. The best ball results from Yankee Springs are now available.

Take a look at the photo page. You will find photographs from the last three tournaments at Yankee Springs, The Highlands and North Kent.

Ever wonder what the Board Members look like?  Well, now you have a chance--but proceed with caution. None of these guys look like male models. Select the Board Members link from the INFORMATION drop down menu above.

If you missed your spring meeting you likely missed the rule changes for the 2015 season. You can always find a complete list of our Rules of Play from the INFORMATION drop down menu above. The two important changes are as follows. (1) We now have a stroke limit of double par on all holes. Once a golfer has reached 6 on a par 3, 8 on a par 4 or 10 on a par 5 he is to pick up his ball, record that score for the hole and move on. (2) We have modified the age 75 rule for the use of forward tees. The rule still applies in flight "B" but no longer applies to golfers in flight "A". As always, all golfers in flights "C" and "D" will continue to use the forward tees.




The following tournaments are full; applications closed:

Wed, Jun 3 at Cedar Chase

Thu, Jun 4 at Cedar Chase

Thu, Jun 18 at Bowen Lake

Wed, Jul 1 at Gleneagle

Wed, Oct 7 at Hastings CC

Thu, Oct 8 at Hastings CC

Notice that Wednesday & Thursday is full at Cedar Chase for the Regular division. However, Tuesday is open AND golfers from the Reserve division are allowed to play on Tuesday June 2.

Note: Silver Lake CC no longer wants our business. They have been removed from the list of associate golf courses as they will not give our members a discount to play the course.