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The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

Reserve Division Summary: One more week done. This time with tournaments at Broadmoor and Briarwood. Wait? What? Briarwood! What’s up with that? We’ll admit it, we screwed up! We over booked the tournament at Broadmoor on Wednesday so we took 19 golfers to Briarwood for their own "private" tournament. Bill Herrick and Bob Dudley claimed victory at Briarwood. Back at Broadmoor, on Wednesday four teams managed to shoot best ball scores of 52. Also that day JD Burton managed to shoot his age with an actual score of two under par 69—way to go JD! Apparently the guys on Thursday are not as good as those on Wednesday. The best score that day was 53 by two different teams. Who are all those guys shooting the low scores Broadmoor? The mystery is over, you can now find out from the Broadmoor link on the results page. Included are the results from the tournament played on Wednesday at Briarwood.

The photo page, available from the FUN STUFF drop down menu, now features photographs from Gleneagle, Briarwood, Western Greens and Broadmoor. Check it out

Once again we have noticed a few incidents of slow play at some tournaments. When we have 100+ golfers on a course it only takes one group to backup multiple foursomes behind them. None of us want to turn a round of golf into a new career so remember one rule: ALWAYS KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP AHEAD. If you don’t see that group you are the problem! Play ready golf. Get to your ball, hit it and go. Here is something to think about: If you are in a foursome where every golfer shoots a score of 90 and each decides to cut just 5 seconds off the time it takes to hit each shot, how much time will they save in 18 holes? (5 seconds x 90 shots x 4 golfers). That’s 1800 seconds or 30 minutes! Try it next time you golf.



The following tournaments are full; applications closed:

Wed, Aug 5 at Whitefish Lake

Thu, Aug 6 at Whitefish Lake

Wed, Aug 26 at Deer Run

Wed, Sep 9 at LE Kaufman

Thu, Sep 10 at LE Kaufman

Wed, Sep 16 at LE Kaufman

Thu, Sep 17 at LE Kaufman

Wed, Sep 30 at Grand Haven

Thu, Oct 1 at Grand Haven

Tue, Oct 6 at Hastings CC

Wed, Oct 7 at Hastings CC

Thu, Oct 8 at Hastings CC

Regular Division in RED; Reserve Division in BLUE; Combined in BLACK

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Congratulations to Bill and Patti Messock on their 50th wedding anniverary.