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The Great Lakes Senior Golf Association, centered in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area, is made up of golfers

age 50 and over. We currently have over 700 members and conduct approximately 60 tournaments each year.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Senior Golf Association

The 2017 Robert DeBok Memorial Championship is now history. Unfortunately, rain on day two prevented the completion of 18-holes. We were able to complete nine holes so we used the GLSGA nine-hole rule. We doubled the score of the first nine holes each participant played before subtracting their handicap. This is not the first time rain has interfered with the championship. In 2009 we had rain on day two resulting in the use of the nine-hole rule and in 2012 day two was a complete loss forcing us to reduce the championship to 18 holes.

This year’s champions are Terry Porritt, low actual champion, with scores of 68 and 74 for a total of 142 and Dan Measday, low handicap champion, with two net scores of 56 for a total of 112. The division winners will be available when the tournament results are posted on Sunday.

Slow Play is Once Again Becoming a Problem

For much of this season we have finished play between 1:45 to 2:15 PM. However, recently there have been a few cases of very slow play. Please pay attention to your pace of play! If you do not see the group ahead, you are playing too slow. Respect the other golfers on the course. One slow foursome can back up all the teams behind them.

Partner Search

Looking for a partner for 2017? You may find another member in need of a partner on the Need-a-Partner page. Click here for a current list of those needing a partner.


The following tournaments are full; entry to these are closed:

Wed, Aug 30; Deer Run

Thu, Aug 31; Deer Run

Wed, Sep 20; LE Kaufman

Thu, Sep 21; LE Kaufman

Wed, Oct 4; Pilgrim's Run

Wed, Oct 4; Grand Haven

Thu, Oct 5; Grand Haven

Mon, Oct 9; Hastings CC

Tue, Oct 10; Hastings CC

Wed, Oct 11; Hastings CC

Thu, Oct 12; Hastings CC

RED text denotes Regular Division; BLUE text denotes Reserve Division; BLACK text denotes combined event.

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GLSGA member Dave Marsac passed away July 28. Former member Hal Stacy passed away July 29. GLSGA member Walt Goodwin passed away August 1. You can find a link to the obituaries of all members we have lost this year on the In Memory page.