E-Mail: secretary@glsga.org

Phone: 616-856-0393

PO Box 728
Jenison MI 49429-0728

Partner Search

Regular Division

Name                      Flight    Tournaments     Phone               E-Mail

Bob Lipscomb              D                all           616-245-4736       Pam.Lipscomb@usfc.com

John Kandra Jr            A              many         616-364-7570       jkandra@comcast.net  

Reserve Division

Name                   Flight    Tournaments     Phone                               E-Mail

Doug Bigelow            A      north courses    616-263-7190            dbigs56@gmail.com

Tom Smith                 A             all                616-866-6950           golf241@aol.com

John Alber                 C        Thursdays        616-460-9460         John.Alber@comcast.net


Members are encouraged to use this method to find partners for our events. You can submit your request by E-mail to secretary@glsga.org or by calling Fred at 616-856-0393.

Information we need is: (1) your name; (2) your flight or handicap—if known; (3) your phone number and E-mail address (if available); (4) which tournament(s) you need a partner.

Important note: Once you have found a partner please inform us so your name can be removed.